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Creating a Custom Lipstick at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab!

Bite Beauty Custom Lipstick
BITE Beauty Custom Lipstick

Yesterday I had such a fun time creating my own custom lipstick shade at Bite Beauty! The Lip Lab was in Soho and I had a lovely lady help me pick every thing from shade, to scent, to texture and finish! First I applied a lip scrub and the famous Agave Lip Mask which I want now asap. I had some dry flakes on my lips when I first sat down and was a bit embarrassed to be trying on so many lipstick swatches in front of people but after a few minutes of the mask they were gone! So impressed!

I wanted an everyday deep peachy nude and I ended up with a beautiful Luminous Creme Lipstick that feels buttery smooth! For the scent I picked citrus mango which is seriously my new favorite scent. I even got to pick out the fun lipstick case! I am so happy with my new lipstick and it's so awesome that Bite Beauty lipsticks are made with healthy ingredients so they're edible! If you think about you definitely end up eating a lot of your lipstick so why not make it edible! I feel like I'm already addicted and want to go back for another!

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