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I've finally gotten around to writing another Empties post! Some of these products I finished up a long time ago and just have been gathering dust in a little Sephora bag next to my sink in my bathroom. 

First, I finished the Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule and this was my first time using an ampoule in my skincare routine. Ampoules are very similar to serums and essences, and I like to think of them as a super charged serum. I really enjoyed using this product. I think was an all around great night time product that helps with moisture, firming, wrinkles and whitening. I loved the slippy texture and just made my skin feel really amazing every night.

I finished the Sachajuan Silver Conditioner which to be honest, I think is better for blondes. I didn't see any dramatic results on my dark brown hair, and because this whole Silver line is a bit drying, I always mixed the conditioner with another more hydrating conditioner or just added a hair mask after I used it. I'm way more into blue shampoos because they are much more suited for brunettes! I'm still trying to finish up the Silver Shampoo but it's taking me because there are just other shampoos I'd rather be using right now!

This has been my second bottle of the Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask. I love this mask a lot. It's a fruity thick gel like mask that doesn't dry on your skin. You look crazy shiny when you've got it on, but it really works well in brightening and helping reveal new baby soft skin. This is definitely one of my favorite masks of all time!

I finished the Kiko City Filter Sunscreen which I purchased a long time ago when I was on vacation in Spain. This product says it's a sunscreen that creates an invisible shield on the skin, protecting it from fine lines, dark spots and dullness, which I totally agree! I love any lightweight SPF that has SPF 50. This was a great affordable everyday high SPF! 

Finally, I finished a little travel size Avene Eau Thermale which is basically a light pick-me-up mist that I kept at my desk. In the afternoon if I felt a bit dull or tired, I liked to spray this on my face to bring life back to my complexion. Great little product! That's it for now!

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