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Herbalosophy Hair


I've been using the Herbalosophy Shampoo and Conditioner from the Nurture Series for the past few weeks and I love the results it's had on my hair. Herbalosophy believes in using natural ingredients as much as possible such as lavendar, safflower, camellia, aloe, murumuru and more! The two featured ingredients for the Balance Shampoo and Replenish Conditioner are the safflower oil which strengthens hair and protects the scalp and camellia oil which gently moisturizes and softens hair.

I've been dying my hair quite a bit the past two years and normally I never get tangles after I wash it but now it's always a bit more of a struggle to get my hair tangle free. I was so amazed after just using this shampoo and conditioner once that I was able to brush through my hair completely so easily and it just made my hair feel so nourished and so soft! I love how healthy my hair looks and feels again!

On top of that, I've been using the Nourish Mask about twice a week. I love adding hair masks into the routine and this one has been my go-to. I love to pile it on and then do a bit of a pamper skincare exfoliant while I wait for the mask to do it's magic. I love how silky smooth and soft my hair has become from using this hair routine.

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