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Bliss Lid + Lash Wash Makeup Remover Review


I wanted to talk about my current eye makeup remover. I've been using the Bliss Lid + Lash Wash Makeup Remover. This is a cooling makeup removing gel that is specifically designed so it's safe for your eye area. It never gets into my eyes and since it's a gel texture it does feel cooling on my eyes. I apply it onto a cotton pad first and then I gently remove all makeup and mascara from my eye area. This definitely gets the job done. I only really use this with regular mascara and I have used it a few times with waterproof mascara and it did not remove all of it entirely but for my everyday mascara it does a really good job. I always wash my face after I use makeup remover to get any excess off.

Personally I'm not really a huge fan of the gel like texture. I prefer the Rimmel Eye Makeup Remover because that feels even more gentle and basically feels like water. I will continue to use this up because I do find it effective but I prefer the Rimmel one and it's also much cheaper, too.


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