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Topshop Sheer Lips


Ok I have a lot of favorite lip products but recently I found the Topshop Sheer Lips range and I needed to feature them ASAP. First I picked up the shade Nuclear (pictured in the middle). It's a pretty coral shade. I was drawn to the cute little packaging and when I saw sheer was in the name, I immediately swatched it in the store. I love easy to wear everyday sheer lip products. Anyways, after a few days of testing it out at home, the formula really started to remind me of my favorite all time lip product: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks. I love how they both look glossy on the lips and just have that tiny bit of stickiness to them. Even the color range feels similar. But the Topshop Sheer Lips have better packaging. The Soap & Glory ones come in lip crayon form and the lids can fall off in my bag making quite a mess. The Topshop ones come in a sleek black lipstick case and looks way more sophisticated.

A few days after I found myself back at the Topshop store swatching more of the colors. I came home with Chuck, a more pigmented berry shade and Hunky Dory, a shimmery nude. I love that these instantly moisturize your lips and make them look more plump. They can be dabbed on for a super sheer look or layered on for more color. Now that it's Fall I have been carrying around these two in my handbag. Chuck is going to be my favorite Fall color for sure!