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Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

I usually steer clear from drugstore foundations because I can't swatch them and I'm terrified of a mismatch face and neck. But! I did manage to pick up an amazing match for the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and I'm really loving this stuff! It's the only foundation I have been wearing the this month and I've pretty much been sticking to the same base routine as well. I love using it with the Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush and then after I conceal with the Bobbi Brown Corrector for under eyes and the Tarte Full Coverage Concealer for any precision concealing. The brush is really good at distributing foundation evenly. It's got much longer bristles than what I was used to before but I love the way this feels on the face and it's really easy to buff in foundation smoothly.

I like this foundation for everyday and it's good for going to work. It seriously looks like I'm not wearing any foundation and makes my skin look like skin, but it still provides enough coverage to help even out your skin tone and help blur some imperfections. This also has SPF 20 so it's a great all round foundation IMO if you can find the right shade!


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