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Skincare Empties

Skincare Empties

I finished a few skincare products that I have really enjoyed using and used for a long time.

The Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial finished a lot quicker than I expected but I loved using it every single night. It replaced my moisturizer and just felt so smooth and nourishing to the skin. The oil absorbs into the skin very easily and my skin never felt dry because of this throughout the colder months. Another product I used every single night and every single day actually, was the Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. I didn't see immediate results with this. I did notice some of my older acne spots did fade away but I was still getting a few new spots and they left new scars that are still present. I loved the way that this serum felt and it didn't really have a scent which was great. I also would layer this with other serums and oils (such as the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate). 

I finished the Radical Instant Revitalizing Mask which was one of my favorite masks to apply. It's unlike any mask I have ever tried. First of all it smells amazing and after you apply a thin layer all over your face, it foams and pops and makes you look like a snowman or santa claus! It definitely tickles your skin but it makes my skin feel super clean and smooth after. 

Finally, I finished the Bioderma Pore Refiner which I loved to layer under my foundation. This is great for correcting enlarged pores for combination skin. My skin always looks more even and tight when I use this. This also instantly made my skin look less oily!


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