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The Best Cleansing Balm I've Tried

Clinique Take The Day Off

I've only gotten into cleansing balms in the past year or two and they have already become a staple in my night time skincare routine. I used to hate wearing waterproof mascara because they were so stubborn to remove, but now that I use cleansing balms, I don't have to worry at all! The first cleansing balm that I ever tried was the Lush Ultrabland cleanser. This stuff was thick. You really had to warm it up in your hands before applying it onto dry skin. Makeup completely dissolved after you rubbed this into your skin. I mainly focus this on my eyes. But what I don't like about this and like most others balms I tried, is that your face is left feeling incredibly oily even after you wash off the balm. I would have to wash my face with 1-2 more different cleansers until it actually feels clean.

The Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm is the first balm I've tried where the texture of the balm is incredibly soft and easy to scoop up. It dissolves much faster in your palm, and I really like the smooth, easy to blend in texture of this balm! The balm dissolves into a milky oil consistency that is very easy to wash off. You get a really good size amount of product for your money and I really think cleansing balms last a really long time! I only really use this when I've been wearing waterproof mascara. This is the perfect product to leave in your shower. It makes removing makeup super easy!

What's your favorite cleansing balm or way to remove makeup?