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Pressed vs Loose Powders

pressed powder vs loose powder
pressed powder vs loose powder

I've been using pressed powder pretty much since the beginning of my makeup wearing days. Recently after doing a little bit more research into the difference between pressed and loose powders, I think I might convert to using loose powder...

Powders are generally used over foundation. I use it to set my makeup and to keep it from moving around throughout the day. I also use it to take away any shine (absorb the oil) since I have oily skin. If you have oily skin like me, you may consider using a loose powder. Loose powders are more fine and contain less oil than pressed powders. They can look more natural since they're more finely milled! They can also be built up for more coverage. And they don't clog your pores as much! Pressed powders can clog your pores which cause breakouts! 

I generally don't love the idea of using a loose powder because they seem a lot messier and are hard to travel with, but I'm going to make an effort this month to use loose powder to see if it actually makes a difference on my skin. Depending on what type of brush you use, you can get a heavier application or a lighter application.

If you have dry skin and a pretty good complexion, then pressed powder is a very good option for you. You might not even need foundation and you can just powder your face for a light dusting of coverage. I'll still keep a pressed powder with me while I'm out and about for touchups, but I'm challenging myself to loose powders for now!

What kind of setting powder do you prefer?