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Sachajuan Leave in Conditioner

I am pretty simple when it comes to my hair, but a step I do not leave out is leave in hair conditioner. I've mentioned other before on the blog before because I really enjoy this step and I love trying new leave in conditioners. Currently I'm using the Sachajuan Leave in Conditioner. First of all. This is thing is a beaut! Second, I really like how fine the mist is that sprays out. It really is much more fine than the previous ones I've tried and it makes the experience feel so much nicer. Its oil free so it doesn't weigh my hair down at all. It feels so nice! Third, I quite like the scent. I don't particularly usually enjoy the scent of hair products but this one is quite sophisticated. Lastly, it has made my hair feel extra silky and soft. I really think it comes down to this product but I haven't really changed anything else in my routine.

And in case if you were curious as to what this Swedish product actually claims to do: it makes styling easy, gives great bod and shine to the hair, and helps keep hair and scalp healthy! It helps moisturize your strands and perhaps that's the key to my extra soft hair these days. I recommend picking up a bottle and seeing for yourself!


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