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Top 5 Nail Polishes of 2014

top 5 nail polishes

A little late but I thought I'd still mention my top favorite and most worn nail polishes of 2014.

Most recently I have been loving Dior polish in Nuit. It's beautiful rich red-plummy color that is the perfect shade for fall and winter. I love dark nails all year long but this shade has just really stuck out to me this year. For an everyday nude option I love Essie Urban Jungle. I own a lot of nude shades but none of them are this light and opaque at the same time. This is the shade I wore for my wedding and it's just a really flattering nude that I always get compliments on when I wear it! Another pastel shade that I wore a little too much of this year was Essie Find Me An Oasis. It's a super pale powdery light blue that looks great with a tan and was pretty much all I wore this past summer. I know white was very trendy this summer but this shade made it slightly more interesting and fun. 

Next you've always need a classic red shade and mine is Essie Meet Me At Sunset. I'm not a fan of true or blue tone reds and find that orange-reds flatter my skin tone the most. They also feel a lot more young and fresh to wear. Again this looks great with a tan and is just one of my favorite colors to wear in Spring and Summer. Finally, I adore Essie After School Boy Blazer. Black nail polishes for me sometime apply really thin and don't look very nice on the nails, but this shade is such a dark blue in certain lighting it can be mistaken for black. It applies much smoother and so beautiful!

Those are my favorite 5 nail polishes of the year!


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