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Clinique CC Cream

I know the BB and CC cream phase might have passed now, but I was looking through my stash and although I really like my current tinted moisturizers and foundations, I was lacking a good oil-free higher SPF base for every day. I was also lacking a darker base because I've gotten slightly tanner... This is where the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream comes in. It has SPF 30 (most of my bases only have SPF 15). It's oil-free which for me is super important in the summer time. And it comes in a good range of shades so you can find a good match for you! I got the shade light-medium. I've been using it for the past week and I really like the results. It's the first full size CC cream that I have bought. I don't notice a huge difference between BB and CC creams to be honest.

This CC cream has light coverage. It's not as liquidy and as easy to blend as some bases I have tried before but I think the trick is not to really pack on too much. I made that mistake the first time I put it on and it looked a bit cakey. Go in with light layers and you'll get a much more natural skin looking finish. It looks pretty good over my spots right now. I still go over them with more high coverage concealer but as a base they do a good job going over them. It feels great on the skin though out the day and I do feel like my skin looks very bright and healthy with this on!