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It has been one month since we lost Riley. It's been a hard reality to face. Even now it just feels like he's away and we need to go pick him up and bring him home. It still feels so unfair that he left us so suddenly.  He was our first baby. The house is now quiet. Riley no longer is my little grumbly shadow following me around. He no longer sits on the couch snuggled up with us as we watch a movie. He no longer brings me toys to play with any chance he gets. He no longer eats all the little crumbs we drop on the floor. He no longer is my little snoring spoon at night.


Handsome young thing at 5.5 months old. We feel incredibly lucky that he was a member of our family and that we got to share those years with him. Riley has been such a big part of our lives. I know I will carry him with me forever in heart. 

riley meets izzy

This is when we introduced Riley to his cat sister, Izzy. Our little family grew to 4. I loved watching them grow up together. He was the cool older brother and she was the dinky little cat sister that followed him around everywhere. I hope Izzy isn't too lonely right now. I get sad seeing her sleep on the couch alone. 

Engagement Photos

I love having all these amazing photos to look back on. Riley posing our apartment in New York City during our Engagement photoshoot. Such a stud! 

At the end of last year we welcomed our first baby, Miles. Our little family grew again once more to 5. Riley had the important role of being a big brother and protector of the house. I had dreams of us going on family walks and Miles growing up with him. I will forever cherish the 8 months they were together. Miles absolutely adored Riley. His face always lit up when Riley entered the room. He would start babbling and loved reaching for him. There are so many silent reminders of Riley. He seriously had so much personality and such a big heart. There are so many small little things that I miss. I miss looking over and seeing his big round eyes staring back at me. I miss how he loved licking our feet. I miss you little guy.

We love you forever, Riley.