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Deep Nudes

Dark Nude LIpsticks
Dark Nude Lipsticks
Dark Nude Lipsticks

The 3 lipsticks I have on bag rotation currently are: Bite Beauty in Honeycomb, Mac in Whirl and & Other Stories lipstick in Imperial Carmine. All three lipsticks are matte formulas (& Other Stories is a demi-matte so it's got the most shine out of the three) and all very similar in shade. Can you tell I'm obsessed with deep nudes? Out of the three I think the Bite Beauty lipstick is my favorite. It's the lightest one (but still pretty dark) and smells the best. I always look forward to wearing this because it's creamy, easy to pat in or swipe on and just smells so darn good! It goes with any makeup and outfit and if it's not in my purse, it's in my pocket at all times.

What lipsticks are you guys wearing at the moment?