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Perricone Intensive Pore Minimizer

Perricone Intensive Pore Minimizer

I've been using the Perricone Intensive Pore Minimizer for the past month and I thought it was about time I gather my thoughts and write a little review. I decided to add this into my routine because my pores were getting clogged too easily and I was having a bit of a panic acne freakout. I needed a product to keep my skin in check and really regulate my oil glands. First of all I'm quite surprised how quickly I'm going through the bottle. I've been using it religiously every morning and night and I'm just about halfway finished. It's pretty pricey so I'm a little sad how quickly I'm using it.

I didn't see any immediate results, but I will say I really love how gentle and soothing it feels. Now that I have been using it for the last month and more, I have definitely noticed how less oily and shiny my face appears. I'm still getting a few odd spots but mainly I'm just waiting for those pesky acne scars to fade. My skin does appear smoother in certain areas so I am happy about that. I always shake the product up and apply it on a cotton pad all over my face and down my neck. I'm going to continue using this to hopefully see more results and to report back when I finish the whole thing!

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