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Trestique: Beauty On The Go


I first heard about trèStiQue when I got a mini shadow crayon in my Ipsy bag a few months ago, and I was super intrigued by the packaging! I love that you can tell exactly what shade the product you're getting inside is and they all look like fun adorable crayons! The philosophy behind trèStiQue is that beauty should be simple and quick and empowering. They've made products that are easy to use and the tools are even built in! Plus most the caps are magnetic making it really to lock on and you don't have to worry about the cap ever falling off! And everything is twistable so you never have to carry a sharpener for any of the products!

My favorites are the Color & Contour Bronzer StickLip Crayons and Shadow Crayons. The bronzer comes in this really cute fate crayon that has the creamy bronzer stick on one end and a brush on the other to help blend in your contour! The shade is really nice and it's really easy for me to just apply where I want to contour and then blend in! The lip crayons are also double sided and give you the option of picking a matte or shiny lip color! I have the shade Florence Fig and Rose Balm and it's a beautiful rosy color that looks really natural on my lips! I'm pretty obsessed with the shiny balm side.

I'm already a huge fan of eyeshadow crayons because they're just so easy to use and it just looks like you've done way more work than you really have. I love the shade Marimoto Pink Pearl! It's a beautiful shimmery champagne color that looks beautiful all over my lid or even as my inner corner highlight. I also just wanted to mention that the eyebrow pencil is incredibly genius. There is a nice sculpting brow pencil on one end and a tinted gel on the other side to set your brows in place! 

Overall I'm super impressed with trèStiQue and am super excited to incorporate the products into my daily makeup routine!

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