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Dermstore BeautyFIX
Dermstore BeautyFIX
Dermstore BeautyFIX

Since my recent move to Los Angeles, my skin has been completely acting up. I have really sensitive skin to begin with, so the move has really taken it's toll on my skin. I've been getting both a lot of small and quite large ugly spots. It's like Dermstore heard me cry out because this month, the Dermstore BeautyFIX box is focused on treating acne! The first thing I noticed when I opened this month's box was that the products are huge and almost seem like full size products! They're so much bigger than any other monthly subscription I've tried! 

Two things caught my eye immediately. I've been using the Paula's Choice Clear Regular Strength Daily Skin Clearing treatment both morning and night since I got it. I noticed it did dry my skin out a little so I've been adding moisture masks into my night time routine. I definitely think it's been helping my breakouts because I had quite a big painful blemish on my cheek and now two days later it's completely flat! It's got benzoyl peroxide which is an amazing ingredient for breakouts. And because my skin has been a little swollen and red in the mornings, I also was very curious to try the Medicell Labs Advanced Redness Relief Hydrating Cream. It contains aloe vera, chamomile and rose hip oil, which are all very soothing and calming ingredients for the skin. This stuff really helps tone down the redness almost immediately and feels very gentle to use, however, it does leave your face quite oily so it's best to use this at night!

In total, I got 9 really generous sized products in this month's BeautyFIX and those are the only two I've been using for the past few days, but I'm also excited to use the Glytone Mild Gel Wash which helps with improving skin's texture and tone and the Alterna Daily Densifying Foam which will help strengthen your hair roots and prevent fall out! Very important since I do dye my hair quite frequently. To find out everything in this month's BeautyFIX you can go here.

I love that the BeautyFIX focuses on a theme and this month's theme seriously couldn't be more perfect for me and I'm so happy it arrived just in time. If you also want to try BeautyFIX I have an awesome 50% off offer for your first month's box! Visit BeautyFIX here to join!

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