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Above It All: Smith & Cult Top Coat

Smith & Cult

I have been using the Seche Vite top coat for years. It's my favorite go to extremely fast drying and super glossy top coat. I literally haven't been using anything else for years so I wanted just to give another top coat a chance. I decided to test out the Smith & Cult Above It All Top coat. First of all, I do not really like the big heavy lid that I have to hold onto while painting my nails. I'm just not used to it and I find it a bit weird. I do, however, really like the brush. I like it more than the Seche Vite brush. It's not too skinny and not to wide and simply applies the polish very evenly. It's incredibly glossy and I'm not sure how fast the drying time compares, but I love how shiny my nails look! This topcoat is about 3 times the price, so I'm going to see how long my nails look super shiny for because I really am digging how shiny they are! We'll see if they end up in a monthly favorites!

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