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Masks for the Morning

Morning Masks

I usually apply masks at night to really deep clean and help target any problems I feel my skin is feeling that week, but occasionally when I wake up, my skin can be in dire need of some love as well. The two masks that I reach for are the Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial and the Nude Skincare Miracle Mask

Both masks help turn dull, tired complexions into brighter, more even and awake looking skin. I like that the Ren mask is super quick and only takes 1 minute for the water activated vitamin C to take into affect. And the Nude mask takes 5 minutes to help exfoliate and smooth over the face. Just simply apply all over your face after you wash your face in the morning and brush your teeth while you wait for the mask to do its magic. 

My only weird note is that the Ren mask kind of smells like tootsie rolls...

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