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Top 5 Most Used Makeup Brushes

Top 5 Most Used Makeup Brushes
Top 5 Most Used Makeup Brushes

I'm very loyal to my favorite makeup brushes so I thought I would share today which brushes are my most used makeup brushes. Each brush has a specific task that I love using it for. Even when I travel, these are the 5 brushes I cannot live without. 

1. MAC 217 Blending Brush
I use this brush every day to blend out my eyeshadow. Typically I like to use a crayon type eyeshadow all over my eye and then I will use a brown transition shade in the crease with the MAC 217 to add depth to my crease. Even if I don't wear any eyeshadow on my lid, I will still use this brush just to define my crease a little!

2. Real Techniques Setting Brush
I used to use this brush for highlighter on my cheekbones, but I found that it's actually the perfect size to blend out my concealer! I use it for both under my eye and for any spot concealing around my face! It's a good size and reaches both around my eye for concealer, around my nose and any other areas!

3. Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush
I love this brush for blush and for bronzer/contour. I keep it pretty natural every day and this brush just picks up exactly the right amount of product and is just the perfect size for applying blush to my cheeks and then usually Benefit Hoola to my cheekbones and around the sides of my face. I love that I can use it for both!

4. Real Techniques Duo Fiber Face Brush
This brush is from the Duo Fiber Collection and it's what I use everyday to set my foundation and concealer. It's lightweight and makes my powder look much more natural and sheer. I can be easy to cake on powder but this brush makes the application much more sheer. I absolutely love this brush and it's perfect with any setting powder!

5. Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush
This is my favorite foundation brush. At first it was a little weird because I was used to much shorter brush hairs, but now that I've become used to this brush, I can't look back! It makes applying foundation so much quicker but it still looks incredible! It makes blending in foundation really easy and effortless and it's the only foundation brush I ever use now!

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