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Living proof No Frizz Humidity Shield

living proof no frizz

Summer is definitely here in full force and the past few days NYC has been experiencing some intense sunshine. To help me tame and control my hair, I've been using the Living proof No Frizz Humidity Shield. It's a weightless silicon-free formula that instantly helps my hair look much more neat and in place. I like to shower at night, so this is the perfect spray for my dry hair in the morning. I use my hands to comb through my hair and lift up sections to spray. And when I do wash my hair in the morning, some times my hair can look quite fluffy after I blow dry it, so a quick spritz of the Humidity Shield really helps it look more polished. 

I also love using the Living proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap at night after I shower. I've mentioned this on my instagram, but this stuff makes my hair feel so soft and shiny in the morning. I love how easy both these products are but also how effective they are at the same time. Thank you Living proof!

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