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Le Marc Lip Creme

marc jacobs lipsticks

I don't have many Marc Jacobs Beauty products so when I got these two lipsticks from my friend this weekend, I had to write about them immediately. First of all the packaging is so on point. They feel heavy and luxurious and I really like the shape of the lipstick. The two colors I got are Rei of Light (toasted brick) and Miss Scarlett (deep ruby). Rei of Light is a color I normally wouldn't pick out for myself. I tend to go for the vibrant orangey reds so this is a really unique color in my collection now. Miss Scarlet is a beautiful deeper rich red that would look really classic and elegant with a simple eye look. I'm so excited to have these two lipsticks and I will be tossing both in my handbag for the week just in case I need them for an work to night out look! 

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