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Nails Inc The New White Collection

Nails Inc The New White

I love pastel nail polishes and when I spotted the Nails Inc The New White collection all over instagram I tried my best to hold out on buying more polishes (because I seriously don't need more nail polishes) but I couldn't resist and I ordered these two: White Horse Street (top) and Swan Street (bottom pictured). Both these colors are actually colors I don't own at all! I really lack and purple shades in my collection and I don't really have anything this super light minty blue. 

I've been wearing these for about two weeks now and I really notice that the formula of these are really good!! Pictured above is me wearing Swan Street on it's 7th day and it didn't chip at all! I'm really impressed with the lasting power and I love the brushes for Nails Inc polishes. They're wider than Essie which I like and I feel like I have a lot of control when painting my nails. I highly recommend checking out Swan Street! I have a feeling I'm going to be wearing this every single day through May!

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