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Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Copper Peach

pixi palette copper peach
Pixi Copper Peach Palette

So I'm super excited that I decided to pick up this palette. I wanted something new for Spring to wear that wasn't my Urban Decay Basics palettes. These palettes are only $12 and I ordered it while a 20% off promo was going on. There are 5 different palette ranges you can pick from and I decided to order the Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Copper Peach. Some of the other palettes looks a bit to Fall/Winter for me. This one has 6 beautiful shimmery shades that feel so soft and buttery - I think you really get your money's worth here. That's $2 an eyeshadow!! 

I've swatched the colors below: left to right on my hand is top to bottom on the palette. My favorite shade to use all over the lid is the 5th one down on the palette. It's a beautiful rusty copper red. I love those kinds of shades! The two darker brown tones are great for placing in the creases to add definition and the top two shades are great as highlights! Overall I'm super happy that I got this palette and I've been using it every day since I got it!

Pixi Copper Peach Palette Swatches
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