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Jin Soon Austere

jin soon austere
jin soon austere

I found an amazing nail polish shade unlike any other I have tried. It's the Jin Soon nail polish in Austere. First of all, it was named by Brazilian model, Caroline Trentini!!! Each nail polish shade in the Jin Soon range is named by a model Jin works with regularly. That is so cool. Seriously. Austere is a gorgeous deep deep olive green shade that looks super chic and unique on the nails. Jin says the color is "inspired by a vintage car color and is edgy yet adaptable in real life." I don't own a single green nail polish color, but this shade of green makes it super wearable. It looks different in different lighting - some times more grey or some times more brown. This also is my first Jin Soon nail polish and I really like the applicator. The nail polishes are not streaky and easy to apply and I've worn this a few times noticing they're pretty long lasting as well. They are formulated without harsh chemicals and overall amazing! 


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