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Goldfaden MD Fleuressence

goldfaden md fleueressence
goldfaden md fleueressence

I've added a new step into my skincare routine: Goldfaden MD Fleuressence Native Botanical Cell Oil. This past year I've really enjoyed using oils (something I was terrified to use before because I've got oily skin!) but I've really noticed a huge difference. I have been using oils regularly at night.  This winter especially, I would wake up with my skin feeling so much moire nourished and healthy and just feeling all around good if I used an oil the night before. And no more dry patches! But I felt like I was still lacking one product to repair and really brighten my overall skintone. This is where the Fleuressence step came in.

The instructions said to use it morning and night. I never thought to use an oil in the morning because you would think your face would just look like a greasy mess, but I tried it and it seriously just makes my skin look brighter and though out the day I've noticed my makeup looks better as well! I mix it in with my serum actually and use two drops now every morning and every night. I just like how easy and relaxing this step feels. It also gives me a chance to really give my face a good quick massage in the morning and at night. It doesn't really have a strong scent either which I like because some oils can smell really awful. It's super easy to blend in and sinks completely into your skin. The best part about this oil is that it's alcohol-free, silicone-free, gluten-free, hypo-allergenic and 100% vegetarian! I'm more and more drawn to natural and organic products because it's super important to know what you're putting your face! It  basically have any of the nasty stuff and it's got a mega-load of rich active botanicals, fruit extracts and natural oils that help increase moisture levels in your skin, reduce wrinkles, discoloration, inflammation and pore size and increase skin cell turnover. This is huge for me since I do have acne scars so it's essential that I feed my skin something to help it repair while I sleep. Overall I'm in love with this oil and really feel like it's going to last me a long time as well since I only use two drops morning and night!

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