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Acne Skincare Update

Clinique Acne Gel Lotion
clinique emergency gel-lotion mychelle skin clear serum

I've recently added two products into my skincare routine that I think have really helped balance and moderate my acne. For awhile I stopped using skincare products for acne skin because I wasn't really seeing any results. I think my skin got used to what I was using. But for the past month or more, I've really been loving the MyChelle Clear Skin Serum. It's a liquidy serum that controls oil product and helps kill acne-causing bacteria. It also contains retinol which helps with skin cell turnover. I use it almost every night and if I'm feel especially spotty I use it in the morning as well.

On top of that I've been using the Clinique Emergency Gel-Lotion as a targeted spot treatment. I always look for acne products that contain benzoyl peroxide and this one contains 5% which is pretty good. I really enjoy the consistency of this product because I'm not really a fan of the gel treatments but since this one is a gel-lotion, it's really easy to apply and feels really matte on the skin. My skin has been doing pretty well with these two working every night and I'm pretty happy with my current skincare routine!