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Layering Masks

Dr. Jart Skincare Mask
origins skincare mask

I've developed a love/hate relationship with clay masks. I've found that a lot of times they can be a little too abrasive on my skin. It's frustrating because I have acne prone skin, and clay masks are supposed to draw out all the impurities and leave me with unclogged pores! However, they often are too strong and after I use a clay mask, it just feels like more and more blemishes appear. But! If I pair up a clay mask with an intensive moisturizing mask or sheet mask after, my skin is much happier and I notice that it's much calmer and plumper in the morning.

Recently I've been using the Origins Out of Trouble mask because I've noticed it's more gentle than the usual clay masks I've been using. This mask contains super-absorbent zinc oxide and sulfur plus calming camphor (herb) that helps control oil/shine, remove dead skin cells and thoroughly clean the skin. To help soothe my skin afterwards, I've been applying the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask which is an old favorite of mine. I usually have a ridiculous 5-6 step skincare routine at night, but lately on days when I've been using this combo, I don't use any other products except for the overnight mask. My skin needs a break some times and I've found that it really works!

Finally, if you're interested in trying out sheet masks, I highly recommend the Dr Jart masks! They're amazing! I love the packaging and I love their gel sheet masks. They're really fun to apply and afterwards your skin feels pampered and glowy!