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Important Expiration Dates on Makeup and Skincare Products

Skincare Expiration Dates
Expiration Dates Makeup Skincare

I almost never look at the little symbols at the bottom of my skincare until recently when I discovered that the little symbol at the bottom of almost all of your skincare and makeup products say when it expires! The period-after-opening symbol or PAO symbol states exactly how many months you can use your product until it expires. It gives your the product's lifespan. It really helped me do another round of clear outs in my bathroom cabinet. Next time you go to use a product you've had for quite some time I suggest checking the back of the label to see how long you can actually use it for! I've noticed so far some products range from 6M (6 months)to 24M (2 years)! Good thing this Origins Out Of Trouble mask lasts for 2 years!