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New Haul from H&M Beauty Department

h&m beauty
h&m beauty
h&m beauty lipstick
h&m beauty eyeshadow palette
h&m beauty blush
h&m beauty nail polish

I finally was able to get my hands on some makeup from the new H&M Beauty Department! I was able to swatch everything first to get a good sense of what shades I really liked and the consistency. Here are a few things that I picked up! I noticed there are way more shades online than at the store I went to so I think I will pop into different H&M stores to see what else I can pick up! Also sadly there wasn't any hair care or skincare! I definitely need to go back because I didn't see any lip stains or lip glosses either!

3 Cream Lipsticks!
I picked up the shades Redwood and Penny Red and an extra Penny Red lipstick as a present! I don't see these shades at all on the website so I'm not sure what's going on there...

2 Eye Colour Palettes 
I chose Smoky Essentials for myself because I don't really own any cool tones eyeshadow palettes and I was just really drawn to the over mood and then I picked up Smoky Nudes for a friend!

1 Pure Radiance Powder Blusher
I decided to go with the shade Rosy Brown because I thought it would look beautiful for Fall!

1 Lip Definer Pencil
I'm a huge fan of nude lip liners and so I got the shade Au Naturel (strange spelling!)

1 Clean Canvas Lip Scrub
I really hope I like this product because my lips have been very dry lately and I need a good lip exfoliator! 

1 Brow & Lash Brush
I really needed a new brow brush to apply powder brow products and for $3.99 I thought this one looked pretty nice!

Let me know which products you're excited to try or recommend and if you want to see swatches of anything in particular!

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