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H&M Eyeshadow Palette Review

h&m eyeshadow palette
hm eyeshadow palette
h&m makeup

I was really excited to see that the new H&M Beauty range included beautiful eyeshadow palettes. I picked up two palettes, but gave one away to a friend. I kept the cooler tone palette called Smoky Essentials because I don't really have anything else like it in my collection. When I swatch the colors on my fingers, the eyeshadows are pretty pigmented so I had pretty high hopes that it would create some beautiful eyeshadow looks.

I'm not very happy with these eyeshadows. I will say that I really love the packaging and I love the huge mirror inside! There are a total of 9 eyeshadows, so for $9.99 it's pretty amazing! Sadly, I just don't think the quality is that amazing. I find that when I apply it with my normal brushes, the pigment is super washed out and sheer. They do apply pretty smoothly, but I really have to apply lots of layers to get the intensity I want. The darker shades are a bit more difficult for me to blend out and I did get pretty frustrated trying to make it look smooth. I think if you're going for a simple eyeshadow look you can work with this and make it look good but don't expect to do anything complicated. I wouldn't purchase this again and honestly not sure how often I'll even reach for this because currently I'm too in love with the Lorac Pro Matte Palette. Now that's one palette that applies like a dream.

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