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There are 5 types of masks and skincare that I like to use on rotation. It sounds like a lot and it kind of is but I really enjoy taking the extra time to put on a face mask before I complete my skincare routine. When my face is feeling a bit spotty or dehydrated, I have different masks for different skin problems. 

1. Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask
If my face is feeling particularly spotty, I have been reaching for this mask. It's definitely more gentle than some of my other masks that I have used in the past for drawing out impurities and really getting into my pores, but I find that if I use something very strong, it can often cause spots rather than prevent them, so this one is really nice because it helps control oil and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin super clean!

2. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Exfoliating Booster
This product is unlike anything I've ever tried. It's an exfoliating product without physical exfoliating! And it works its magic while you sleep!

3. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate
If you do want to use a physical exfoliator, I've been reaching for this one by Kate Somerville. It's a funny green paste and it's pretty powerful because it leaves my face tingling but you only need to apply if for 1-2 minutes before washing it off. I like to use this in the shower and I find it really does give my face a good polish!

4. Rodial Dragon's Blood Hylaluronic Mask
Now that it's official Fall, although it still feels like we're in the heat of summer in Los Angeles, moisture is something I really want to inject back into my skin. It's still super dry here so moisturizing masks are a must in my weekly routine. This is a great mask to help my skin feel hydrated and plump!

5. Dr. Jart Dermask Micro Jet Brightening Solution
I love sheet masks! My favorite types are hydrating or brightening masks. Dr. Jart make incredible masks. I love this one that helps brighten dull skin and uneven skintone! They're great to slap on while I watch youtube videos at night! :)

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