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Purse Essentials

I usually haul around a huge work bag that fits everything and anything inside, but usually I just want to narrow it down to the essentials. This way my back, arms and shoulders can get a break. This Kara stowaway bag was in my stocking stuff and is one of the cutest and tiniest bags I own! With limited room, I surprisingly narrowed it down to these 5 necessities to carry around town. *pats self on the back*

1. my wallet - chanel card holder -  slightly overflowing but very compact

2. hand lotion - & other stories - super important for the winter time

3. compact - chanel les beiges - acts as a mirror and powder in case my t-zone needs some lovin'

4. chapstick - pixi lip balm - i cannot stand chapped lips!

5. lip product - tanya burr lip gloss - currently still obsessing over these lipglosses, especially sparkling dewdrops!

I tend to hoard so many random things when carrying around a big bag. I like having a smaller bag that really keeps you organized!


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