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Holiday Makeup


The holidays are the perfect time to wear a red lip. It feels super christmasy and the queen of all red lipsticks has to be MAC Ruby Woo. It's a gorgeous pigmented matte blue tone red. It can be hard to apply because if your lips are in bad condition, they will drag and highlight your dry skin, so if you want to wear this bold color you need to prep your lips and make sure they're looking smooth and plump. I usually begin my makeup by applying a lip balm so by the time I'm ready to do lips they're conditioned and it's a lot easier.

For eyes, I picked an antique gold shade (this is actually the first MAC eyeshadow I ever bought!): MAC Woodwinked. It's a pigmented peal metallic shade that is easy to apply and blend out. It suites so many skin tones and great all year round. It's a huge fan favorite and I think it's a really easy gold to wear!


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