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Berry Nail Polishes

Winter Nail Polish

Can you tell I like berry toned nail polish? There is something very grown up and chic about wearing a deep berry polish. I especially love wear to wear it during the colder months. I'll start with my favorite which is Dior Nuit. It has an incredibly luxe feel and is just one of my favorites to apply. It has a great brush and I find lasts pretty well on my nails. It's the only Dior nail polish I own... but I want more!

Next are two polishes from Nails Inc. The first is a slighter lighter berry tone from the Gel Effect range called Kensington High Street. I love this color. Its a pretty raspberry shade that I wear year round. This formula is super glossy but out of habit I still like to put a top coat over it. I also love the shade Victoria which is a super deep violet shade. Similar to the Dior Nuit shade, this is a super dark violet. I think I received this nail polish in a beauty subscription a long time ago. I really like the Nails Inc colors. I also think they have rebranded their polishes and it's pretty awesome Alexa Chung also loves the brand.

When MAC did a collaboration with Proenza Schouler, I died. I love Proenza Schouler and basically bought everything from the range. I especially love the nail polishes. I got 3 out of the 4 polishes and for summer I love wearing the shade Bougainvillea which is beautiful a bright orange red shade. For Fall and Winter I love the shade Dayflower which is a purple toned plum. It feels very youthful and still polished at the same time. I love the thicker caps on these nail polishes. They're super easy to apply.

Finally I couldn't feature nail polishes without mentioning Essie. Essie's Velvet Voyage is another super dark plum (seems I can't get enough) that I love to wear. The majority of my nail polish collection is Essie and this is a staple color. It just goes with everything and in general berry toned nail polishes (and nudes) are my favorite colors to wear!


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