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Ojon Dry Recovery Revitalizing Moisture Mist

ojon dry recovery

I have always used a leave-in hair conditioner and I haven't really been dedicated to any particular one. I like to always try new things on my hair. Currently I have been using the Ojon Dry Recovery Revitalizing Moisture Mist and it's pretty good (especially at detangling!) It's a two-step process so you have to shake it up before you spritz but it's a step I never miss since I have been coloring my hair. Since I have cut my hair my hair feels so much healthier, but my ends were very dry and this has been helping to inject some more moisture back into the strands. It feels really lightweight and it doesn't actually feel like anything is on my hair. I hate when my hair feels like there is product in it. This has also lasted me a very long time. And I find these leave in hair conditioners are a really good deal because they last for so many months - way longer than I expect it to. 


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