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Rusk Sensories Bright Shampoo

Rusk Sensories Bright Shampoo

As an Asian girl, it's very frustrating when you dye your hair and it likes to turn a copper-orange tone the lighter and lighter you go. I try not to bleach my hair when getting it dyed but the results aren't always the best. Currently my hair is highlighted with medium brown strands throughout. It can look a little brassy so I use the Rusk Sensories Bright Shampoo about once a week in hopes that it's able to help control and tone down the orangey brass color. The biggest things you'll notice when you apply this is, 1. it's bright purple 2. it completely dries out your hair and 3. the bottle is HUGE. You need to pair this with a hair mask after. It's hard to tell a HUGE difference but I do think my hair has maintained a nice color and doesn't look too orange. I like to leave it one for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it out. I massage it into my scalp and then let it sit on top of my head. This is best to use if you have bleach blonde hair but it's the closest thing to toning my hair at home. I would love to have cool-toned ashy brown hair but I guess we can't have it all.


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